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I got the results on my follow up ultra sound guided biopsy and the mass in my neck is just a bunch of dead cells. I was more nervous about these results than I was about my first pet scan, but what a relief. My oncologist reminded me that the regeneration of the taste buds is very difficult to predict but this and the dry issues are an acceptable annoyance. Also had a good visit with the dentist at the cancer agency who says my teeth are fine (the ones they didn't extract prior to treatment)so they are going to start fitting me for bridges shortly. The dentist also gave me a solution for my tongue called Nystatin to help get rid of the black build up on my tongue and it seems to be working. All's good for now, thank you all for your support and even though I don't post often I do read your posts and will continue to do so as there are so many of you that I feel close to. Always know that I care deeply for you and continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Great news. What a relief for you. Angie
 Thanks Angie, I hope that all my friends here (well everyone suffering with this monster) gets the same result down the road.
I'm glad it was not cancer!! What a relief! take a long bike ride to celebrate.
 Thanks Sandyjo. I am looking forward to spending more time on my bike.
Good to hear the ultra sound and biopsy came out ok Dan. Sounds like you're getting back into your rythem. You look good man. I see no beard so I'm assuming hair hasn't grown back. It takes time. Hope you're eating well and no throat restrictions. Regards, Frank
 Thanks Frank, I always benefit from your advice and comments. No beard yet, and still not swallowing like normal, but maybe I have a new normal now :) The doc reminded me that the return of taste is one of the hardest things to predict - but I am not complaining. Hope you are well
Hello Dan I hope you are doing well! I just learned that my brother has throat cancer and the doctors will know in a few days if it is treatable or not. He wants to actually email someone who has been dealing with it so he can ask some questions for himself. Not sure if you check your mail in here but if you do, please respond back :) Thank-you! Kara
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Hate it when the oncologist adds a "but"

First thanks for all the warm wishes, prayers, hugs - they are all very much appreciated. The results from my PET Scan weren't terrible. As my Dr. said "the results aren't bad BUT they are inconclusive". Apparently there is more than the usual amount of calcium build up around the affected lymph node. At first he said we'll keep an eye on it, but when he checked my neck and throat he thought we should go ahead and do another needle biopsy and an ultra sound. I am sure he is just playing it safe, however I am still disappointed. But not devastated :). I expect to have the biopsy/ultra sound done within the next week or two and see my doc again in early July for the results. Hope you are all well and thanks for listening.
Scottie sent you a prayer.
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I understand. My PET wasn't clear either. We're watching and doing scans every two months. Praying your biopsy is negative. Angie
 Thanks Angie. We'll celebrate when we both get a clear scan.
I'll pray that all is well withthe biopsey.
Repeat after me: "the biopsy will be clear"..."the biopsy will be clear" ..."the biopsy will be clear" ..."the biopsy will be clear" Hoping your wait will go by quickly. Keep moving forward
 Thanks Pat, "the biopsy will be clear".
I've never heard of calcium build up around a lymph node. Not scaring tussue? Anyway, ofcourse go ahead with the biopsy and ultra sound. I will have one in a couple of months too due to a very tiny nodule on my larynx. My Dr is not concerned about it. I'm almost sure yours is nothing. Keep us posted Dan. Regards, Frank
 Thanks Frank, and no he mentioned the scar tissue as well and he said that a little residual calcium is normal. Let us know how the test on your larynx goes.
I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best! I have my scan next week
 I will keep you in my prayers - for a clear scan, Shannon. Best of luck.
Best of luck with the tests!
Hoping and praying that everything turns out ok for you! Good Luck and God Bless!!
Dan...wishing you luck and sending hugs and prayers that all comes out fine. I hate those "buts" too!
good luck Dan and keep us posted! Big hugs! d xoxo
 Thanks, Mendo hope you are well and big hugs back to ya
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