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I haven't posted for a while, mainly because I felt quite sick since mid-February. The cycle was: can't drink or eat, therefor not hydrating and not healing properly. For the last two weeks of Feb. I went to the cancer treatment centre to be hooked up to IV every second day. This helped quite a bit. The past three days, however I feel great. * no throat pain and they are weening me off the fentanyl patch - down form 75 to 37.5 micrograms and don't need anything for breakthrough pain. * eating is still difficult - but I am improving every day. * drinking is also improving - Ensure, gatoraid and flavoured vitamin water. These taste ok to me, but since I hadn't tried them before I don't know how they should taste. The coming week on March 16 I have my first post treatment follow up with my chemo oncologist, and on March 22 I have my first update with my radiation oncologist. I am expecting good news on the healing front! Thanks for listening (reading I guess :), all the best in your progress toward healing.
Scrappy Darlene threw a punch at your cancer.
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The rad Dr will send the scope down your throat to see that swelling and tissue is healing ok. I hated that. Its a small price to pay to be rid of this monster. If you're able to swallow at this point you're doing very well. Stay hydrated bud. I remember it was 3 months before I could drink a whole 13.5 oz bottle of water. What an accomplishment. It's going to take a long time for your taste to come back. Trial and error is the only way to find out what you enjoy now compared to what you used to like. Softer foods of course are in order for now. Soups, over cooked pastas, mashed potatoes, puddings will work. In a couple of months you'll be doing real well and feeling great. Regards, Frank
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Funny you mention the soups over potatoes and pasta as I saw an ad for Campbells this week where they pour one of their thicker hearty meal soups over mashed. Might try fettuccine today. Take care and thanks for your input Frank
Glad your getting back into the flow of life - hope for the best healing visits to come now.
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Feeling Great is awesome. It's a long slow process but it sound like you have it under control and that the worst is behind you. Stay strong!
Looks like you are doing great!! If it could help you, there ate swallowing exercises on my site. For a long while I felt like I was living on fettuccine alfredo and mashed potatoes! Both with extra sauce or gravy. Before that egg custard and puddings type things. You'll get there. Try to eat even if you can't get the correct taste. Real food will help you heal. Take care, Sandyjo
Glad you are seeing positive progress. I remember how good getting fluids made me feel. I too had trouble staying hydrated but I learned how vital that really is. Keep getting better and enjoy eating again :) xoxo
Glad you're feeling better! Keep up the good work!
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