Wish me luck!

I have been absent from the board for a while. I guess I have been trying to put the whole cancer thing out of my mind, unless I really had to think about it. The good news is that I continue to be pain free, and aside from magic mouthwash I'm not taking any cancer meds. I can still feel the mucous building up in my throat. I still can't taste a lot of food, but enough to get by - so that's a good thing. I don't think I have put any weight back on, but I will be weighed tomorrow - I am not concerned about weight loss because I did have those 60 pounds were extra :) Last week I had my first follow up PET Scan and tomorrow I see my radiation oncologist to go over the results. What an important day for me and I gotta say, I am very nervous. All the best to all of you and I hope you are doing as well as possible.
Texas Jeff, Kathysman threw a punch at your cancer.
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I'm wishing you luck Dan, although I'm sure you will be ok. Your taste will take some time to come back, but, it will come. 60 lbs is a big loss but I'm sure you feel better without it. Its ok to be nervous. I was very disappointed when my scan showed possible activity and a follow up MRI confirmed that it was only radiation scarring. Post one more blog after tomorrow appt. I'd like to hear how it went. Regards, Frank
Thanks for your comments Frank. It must have been a relief to find out about the scarring. I will definitely post the results.
Sopunds like you are doing good. I hope and pray all is clear tomorrow. Let us know please.
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